These are tools and resources that you may find benefical as you are crossing the bridge to recovery.

Covenant Eyes

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Samson Society

The Samson Society is a fellowship of Christian men who are serious about authenticity, community, humility and recovery.

The Faster Scale App

Become aware of your emotional state and see temptation coming before it arrives.

AA Meeting Guide

Meeting Guide is a free-of-charge meeting finder app that provides meeting information from A.A. service entities in an easy-to-access format.

Spiritual Direction is a prayerful conversation of one’s life, listening and observing the activity of God’s presence in another. A spiritual director does not direct, but rather listens and recognizes with you the invitations God has for you in your journey with Him.

Spiritual direction does not focus on problems, skill sets, or issues at hand, rather it centers explicitly on one’s relationship with God in a nonjudgmental presence with another. I extend an invitation to join me, to be heard, to be encouraged, and to experience the love of Christ.

If you’d like more information or you would like to schedule an introductory session please email Rob at or call (502) 649-2083.