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What We Do?

We work with men 18 and older that struggle with addiction, compulsive behavior and unhealthy habits specifically in the areas of pornography and sexual behavior. These struggles rarely operate on their own and we are trained to assist you in other areas such as alcohol and chemical abuse. This assistance is accomplished through groups and individual coaching. As we learn about the tools that are available to us and how to use them on a daily basis we begin to develop a healthy community as we walk through life.

Bridge Groups

At the conclusion of a 2015 Ted Talk, Johann Hari said, “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” Whether you would view your struggle as an addiction, a compulsion, or an unhealthy habit, change always takes place in connection, or community. In a Bridge Group the first thing you come to realize is that you aren’t alone. With that realization community begins. And in that community we begin to learn about the tools that we can use to build a bridge to freedom. You can reach the other side!

About Me

I’m Ron Williams. I am a Certified Professional Recovery Coach. I’ve been leading groups and coaching men for about 3 years. I have worked as a counselor, administrator, and executive director of a recovery program. I also have 20+ years in ministry. My story includes 12 years in active recovery. I know personally the pain and consequences of addiction and I also know the path that has lead to my freedom. I’d love to help you discover that path also.

I was recently interviewed for Samson Societies Pirate Monk Podcast. I was able to share some of my story and we talked about the importance of community, the role honesty plays in our recovery and the freedom that’s available to us. I highly recommend this podcast and hope you give this episode a listen. Episode 372 – Ron Williams – A Pirate Monk’s Story

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